The disruptive impact of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus disease has been well-documented over the past few weeks. By now we’ve seen countless news pieces about various esports and gaming industry events being either postponed or completely canceled one after the other. 

A recent vlog from FaZe Clan Fortnite coach, Hugh “Destinys Jesus” Gilmour, however, gives us a personal glimpse into life as a coronavirus patient — particularly through the perspective of a pro gamer.

After testing positive for COVID-19, Destinys Jesus has spent more than a week quarantined inside his UK home. Gaming has helped keep the 20-year-old’s spirits up throughout the ordeal. 

Struggling through frequent coughing fits throughout his vlog, Destinys Jesus candidly answered questions from his followers on Twitter. 

He described his symptoms as mainly “like a fever — it genuinely feels like [you’re] a boiling mug”. He also mentioned having other “bad symptoms” like a sore throat, difficulty with breathing, and severe coughing fits.

Destinys Jesus also talked a lot about his recent 10-day trip to California for DreamHack Anaheim and a personal holiday. He explained that he likely caught the virus after the event, during one of his stops at Long Beach or in transit at LAX.

“I got back and I was fine,” he shared. “I thought I was just feeling bad because I didn’t sleep or anything on the airplane. I was up for like 20 hours.”

“I had a long rest day of not doing anything, just sleeping, and then I had an actual productive day where I did my website and stuff… And then the next two days I literally couldn’t move. I was just fully stuck in one room, coughing non-stop, had a really bad joint ache, headache, neck ache — all sorts [of symptoms].”

Having spent more than a week in near-total isolation (he is staying in with his dogs), Destinys Jesus admits that the experience is making him feel “a bit mental”. Here’s hoping he makes a quick and complete recovery.

Watch his 11-minute vlog below (hop ahead to the 5:13 mark for the Q&A):

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