If you’ve fallen over the edge of Polar Peak recently, you might have noticed something odd at the bottom of it.

Credit: ONE Esports

That’s right, a giant eyeball has been spotted at the bottom of Polar Peak, and tracks player movement, monitoring those who stand in front of it. Players who decide to stick around the area will notice a strong gust of wind which pushes players away from it if you’re at the bottom of the castle. If you’re inside the castle, you’ll experience something similar to an earthquake.

Credit: ONE Esports

There have been some speculations that this newly added feature in Fortnite’s map could be another movie collaboration. Specifically the upcoming “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” movie hitting cinemas on May 29, but there has been no verification of this collaboration yet.

Another feature that has been confirmed though, is the addition of the Burst SMG that was announced by Epic today.

Epic Games stated that no download or downtime will be required for the upcoming v9.10 content update. The new Burst SMG weapon is already in the game files. Data miners have been hard at work gathering as much information as they can about the new gun.

Credit: ONE Esports

The Burst SMG will come in Common, Uncommon, and Rare variants, and deal 23/24/25 damage respectively, according to data-mining site Storm Shield One. Interestingly, the Burst SMG has no critical damage, which is surprising as all weapons in Fortnite do extra damage when players land headshots.

The content update goes live on May 29th at 8 a.m. ET (8 p.m. GMT+8).

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