Carry player Song “Sccc” Chun had an excellent showing in Team Aster’s game one victory against Alliance, keying a 2-0 sweep in their Upper Bracket match to advance further into the StarLadder ImbaTV Kyiv Minor 2020.

Both teams opted to take the game late to open the series, with Alliance picking Nikolay “Nikobaby” Nikolov’s signature Medusa while Aster countered with Sccc’s Arc Warden.

Alliance came out ahead of the early skirmishes, looking to secure enough space for Nikobaby to farm up his core items.

Sccc kept pace with his counterpart, however, as he was able to build up a full Maelstrom by the 18-minute mark to ramp up his own progression.

Sccc’s Arc Warden came online much faster and took over the map for his team, forcing Nikobaby to build a Divine Rapier at the 28-minute mark.

Despite the Rapier pickup on the enemy Medusa, Aster was still able to continually pick off their opponents’ cores and place a stranglehold on their base.

Alliance needed to force a fight to make good use of Nikobaby’s Rapier, but they were too late to contest Aster’s Roshan attempt at the 36-minute mark and lost two heroes in the retreat. At that point, the Aster lineup had already become too much to handle for Nikobaby alone — even if he still had his Divine Rapier.

With the Aegis of the Immortal in the hands of Sccc’s unstoppable Arc Warden, Aster started laying siege to Alliance’s base and were able to take down Nikobaby.

With the loss of the Divine Rapier, Alliance called GG at the 39-minute mark.

Sccc finished the game with a perfect 10-0-2 KDA, with most of his kills coming from pickoffs that secured crucial map control for his team.

Aster dominated Alliance in game two to secure the series sweep and advance to the Upper Bracket Finals against Gambit Esports. Meanwhile, Alliance dropped to the Lower Bracket where they will face BOOM Esports.

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