TNC Predator has climbed up the rankings in the BTS Pro Series: SEA online league after sweeping Geek Fam, 2-0, on the fifth day of the group stage.

After destroying Geek Fam in the first game of the series with a final score of 24-4, TNC finished off their regional rivals with a Bristleback and Io draft for Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte and Timothy “Tims” Randrup.

TNC took the advantage during the early game, catching Geek Fam’s heroes isolated in the middle lane. Gabbi’s Bristleback chased after the Geek Fam heroes while being supported by Tims’ Io to get himself a Triple Kill.

TNC then extended their lead after winning a team fight in the middle lane despite a well-timed Soulbind and Chain Frost combo from Geek Fam. Gabbi even boldly ran straight into the Dire fountain while chasing after the enemy support heroes.

Geek Fam then punished TNC’s sloppy Relocate play after Karl “Karl” Jayme juked the entire Radiant squad at the bottom lane. Carlo “Kuku” Palad then spotted where Tims and Gabbi were Relocating back into to take down TNC’s hard carry and to gain a massive gold swing.

However, that didn’t stop TNC from sieging Geek Fam’s base and forcing them to use their buybacks, which prompted the latter to retreat. This resulted in Gabbi’s Bristleback being caught out of position by Geek Fam, but Park “March” Tae-won was able to provide enough support with his Oracle to turn the tables on Karl’s Outworld Devourer. Geek Fam were eventually forced to tap out after 45 minutes.

With their 2-0 win, TNC now has a 2-1 record in the group stage. Meanwhile, Geek Fam drops down the group stage rankings with a 1-3 record.

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