TNC Predator just finished their historic ESL One Hamburg run by defeating Gambit Esports in a thrilling grand final match that went all the way.

Going into the grand finals, the Filipino squad had a 13-1 record, and everyone had already picked them to win the tournament. But, Gambit Esports showed their resolve and pushed TNC to their limit. Here are the highlights from all five games.

Game one

TNC won the first game of the grand finals convincingly. With Lycan and Chen providing the team with so many auras, along with heroes that excel in team fights, Gambit found it difficult to go head-to-head with the Radiant heroes.

Game two

The second round saw TNC getting a great early game which saw them deciding to farm three Hands of Midas. However, Gambit took advantage of this by forcing multiple engagements and kept building up their gold and hero level lead.

Gambit’s Batrider and Grimstroke combo, along with Danial “XSvamp1Re” Alibaev on the Earthshaker shut down TNC completely and evened the series 1-1.

Game three

After game two, TNC was able to out draft Gambit by faking their position 1 Night Stalker. Gambit went with a Strength heavy line-up with multiple stuns and TNC countered with a Naga Siren hard-carry on Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte who was able to take control of team fights.

TNC’s Damien “kpii” Chok, who played the Night Stalker as the team’s offlaner survived Gambit’s ganks multiple times, and TNC was able to overrun their depleted opponents to take a 2-1 lead in the series.

Game four

The fourth game saw TNC committed to their position 1 Night Stalker. But, Gambit countered Gabbi with long-range supports equipped with Force Staffs and a hard-carry Lifestealer who could go toe-to-toe with Night Stalker because of his Rage.

Gambit finished game four by fountain farming TNC’s heroes at the 44-minute mark.

Game five

For the final game of the tournament, TNC decided to go with a tanky front-line with an Alchemist, Bristleback, and Abaddon. While Gambit went with Ember Spirit and Lifestealer as their cores, along with Lich and Grimstroke as their support heroes.

In theory, Gambit’s Soulbind-Chain Frost ultimate combo should have worked against TNC’s frontline melee heroes. But, Alchemist and Bristleback were just way too tanky during team fights and Gambit’s cores couldn’t find any openings that would’ve prevented TNC’s advance.

TNC finished game five at the 28-minute mark after Gambit lost control of their own Radiant base.

With their incredible ESL One Hamburg run over, TNC Predator has earned US$125,000 for finishing first-place. Park “March” Tae-won, the team’s hard-support, was also voted in as the Mercedes-Benz MVP.

Meanwhile, Gambit Esports was able to take home $65,000 for being the runner-up at ESL One Hamburg.

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