TNC Predator just handed Team Liquid a one-sided beatdown to finish the group stage with a 9-7 score.

Team Liquid’s Amer “Miracle” Al-Barkawi had one of his worst games at TI9 against TNC’s Timothy “Tims” Randrup on the Skywrath Mage.

Miracle constantly made mistakes when using Ball Lightning and jumped into the enemy team before being immediately countered by Skywrath Mage’s Ancient Seal skill.

After picking off Aliwi “W33” Omar, who had no buyback, TNC was able to take all sets of barracks in the Radiant base.

The game looked over for Team Liquid, as they were facing Mega Creeps and was 49,000 gold behind. But they managed to defend their base thanks to a perfectly timed Storm Spirit Vortex and Kunkka Ghost Ship combo.

But, after two failed attempts to take down the Radiant heroes, TNC was able to outlast the valiant Team Liquid heroes, and take the first game of the series.

TNC was able to win all three lanes during the early stages of game two. Armel “Armel” Tabios’ Death Prophet managed to take a 2,000 gold lead against Aliwi “W33” Omar’s middle lane Pangolier, ten minutes into the game.

Team Liquid continued to make mistakes throughout the game. Dota 2 caster, Owen “ODPixel” Davies even stated, “It’s’ got to be some of the worst Dota Liquid has ever played.”

TNC finished game two at the 35-minute mark, and secure their Upper Bracket start at the Main Event.

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