With their two wins against Infamous, CIS squad Virtus Pro has kept their TI9 hopes alive.

Infamous played brilliantly during game one against Virtus Pro. They won most of the lanes, and Jean Pierre “Chris Luck” Gonzales’s Shadow Fiend outplayed VP’s Vladimir “No[o]ne” Minenko’s Templar Assassin.

After a successful early game for Infamous, they began hunting for VP’s heroes and started to take them out one by one.

But at the 26-minute mark, Infamous dove-in too deep, and was heavily punished by VP. Infamous lost all of their heroes and this was the beginning of the comeback for VP.

Game one ended when VP pushed into the Dire base and took out Infamous’ heroes one by one.

Game two was a nailbiter. Similar to the first game, Infamous managed to build a small lead against VP and at the 25-minute mark, the Peruvian squad attempted to siege the Dire base.

VP was able to repel Infamous out of their base after multiple buybacks were used.

A few minutes later, Virtus Pro landed an amazing Omnislash and Reaper’s Scythe combo on Hector’s Chaos Knight.

This was the turning point for VP, as they took a significant lead against Infamous.

After Infamous lost another team fight, Virtus Pro pushed into the Radiant base knowing that their opponents had no buybacks left, and won the second game.

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