Team Secret and Mineski finished their series with both teams earning one win each.

Team Secret made quick work of Mineski during game one. They had a 3,000 gold lead at the eight-minute mark against Mineski. Mineski was utterly outclassed, and it only took Secret 19 minutes to finish the first game.

Mineski was able to quickly regroup after their devastating first game loss, and they managed to bounce back against the best team in the tournament during game two.

Mineski drafted the perfect set of heroes against Team Secret: Ryan “Raging Potato” Qui’s support Invoker, together with Kam “Moon” Seng’s Tiny and Nikolay “Nikobaby” Nikolov’s Wraith King as their damage dealers totally destroyed Secret’s line-up.

With an Aegis of the Immortal on Moon, Secret did not have enough damage to kill Mineski’s core heroes twice. As a result, Mineski forced Secret back into the Dire Fountain.

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