The battle between North American and South American Dota 2 ended with a draw.

For the first game of the series, Infamous decided to go with a Huskar pick on Hector “Hector” Rodriguez. In response, EG went with an Ancient Apparition pick on Syed “Sumail” Hassan, who earned his 1,000th kill for the International.

Due to an under-farmed Hector Huskar, Infamous failed to dish out enough damage to take down any of EG’s heroes.

After losing game one to EG, Infamous adjusted their strategy. They put more pressure on Sumail’s Shadow Fiend by having Elvis “Scofield” Peña’s Nyx Assassin roam the middle lane.

At the 25-minute mark, Infamous took complete control of the game. Hector’s Wraith King took down EG’s heroes one by one at the middle lane.

EG failed their last-ditch effort to equalize the game. They managed to catch out four Infamous heroes at the top lane, while Hector took an uncontested Dire bottom lane of Barracks.

But once Hector was done at the Dire base, he teleported to the top Radiant Shrine and obliterated EG.

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