European squad OG got off to a good start on the second day of The International 2019 Group Stage with a big 2-0 win against rivals, Evil Geniuses.

The first game saw OG taking on EG with style. While the early game felt relatively even, the mid game saw OG team-wiping EG, even teleporting across the map to pick up the last kill on EG’s mid-laner Syed Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan’s Outworld Destroyer.

OG then followed up with another almost teamwipe, building an 18,000 gold lead in just 21 minutes.

But just when you thought it was all over, EG took advantage of an over-confident OG and managed to secure critical kills on OG cores while defending their high ground. However, having already secured an overwhelming lead, OG continued to press on to claim the first game.

Game two started out strong for EG, but OG still managed to keep things close.

A fight at bottom saw Anathan “ana” Pham’s Juggernaut falling to a gank, but he managed to hide his healing ward and use it to help his teammates secure two kills against EG’s offlaner and support duo.

However, the North American squad had a much better showing in the second game, and slowly increased its lead from the early game by playing in an efficient style and taking great team fights.

OG was not giving up, managing to sneak a Roshan and got a good team fight against EG. Subsequent fights also turned OG’s way, with ana able to easily take out EG’s Artour “Arteezy” Babaev’s Sven. The momentum then shifted in favor of OG shortly after, and the squad easily took the game and the series.

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