Alliance started its series against Keen Gaming by aggressively catching out Keen Gaming heroes to go up 10-5 by the 19-minute mark.

Keen Gaming refused to give up however, and played carefully, even getting a kill off’s Alliance’s Max “qojqva” Bröcker’s Broodmother.

However, Alliance’s Michael “miCKe” Vu’s Morphling was pretty much unstoppable, going Beyond Godlike just 23 minutes into the game.

The game was pretty much a methodical stomp, although Keen Gaming refused to give up. However, Alliance proved to be unstoppable and wrapped things up a few minutes after this team fight.

The second game felt a lot closer, with Alliance opting for a Pudge pick, a rarity in competitive games.

However, miCKe’s Morphling still managed to get plenty of kills, and a few good team fights like the one below helped Alliance keep up with Keen Gaming’s 2,000 gold lead.

While miCKe’s Morphling continued to rampage, with his beyond Godlike kills, Keen Gaming finally managed to take him down, though by then Alliance had a sizeable gold lead.

Even though the game felt close, once Morphling came online, it was all but over.

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