The match between Team Liquid and Chaos Esports Club was a bit of a grudge match for Lasse “Matumbaman” Urpalainen, who was facing his old team and the player that replaced him, Aliwi “W33” Omar.

But instead of sweet revenge, Matumbaman ended up eating humble pie, as Liquid destroyed Chaos in two quick and convincing games.

Team Liquid dominated game one thanks to their dynamic hero draft, with W33 on the Templar Assassin owning the middle lane against Matumbaman’s Pugna.

Team Liquid’s early game advantage eventually snowballed out of control, and at the 21-minute mark, W33 earned his Godlike streak against Chaos.

With Team Liquid’s massive 33,000 gold lead, Chaos had no way of repelling the Radiant heroes out of their base and had to call GG.

During game two, Team Liquid chose to go with a last draft pick Meepo for W33 against Matumbaman’s signature hero, Lone Druid.

Team Liquid’s plan was to let W33 take control of the mid-game and completely shut down Chaos before they could reach the late game.

The plan worked to perfection and, at the 21-minute mark, Liquid had complete control of the game as they took down the middle lane of barracks and ran through the remaining Dire heroes.

With the 2-0 victory, Team Liquid bounced back after a terrible start to the group stage, while Chaos continues to look lost on Day 1 of TI9.

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