After just 24 hours, The International 2020 (TI10) Battle Pass has raised the prize pool of the tournament by a whopping US$7 million.

First-day contributions from TI10 Battle Pass sales to its tournament’s prize are now at US$7,075,928 according to data from the Dota 2 prize pool tracker. In combination with the base prize pool of US$1.6 million provided by Valve, the contributions from the battle pass put TI10’s total prize pool at US$8,675,928 after just its first day of crowdfunding, a 442.25% increase.

TI10’s prize pool after its first day also puts it over US$1 million ahead of the US$7.4 million the TI9 Battle Pass raised in its first day, which notably shattered all the records set by previous TI Battle Passes.

TI10 also easily dwarfed the pots of TI8, TI7, and TI6, which only managed to reach US$5.6 million, US$4.7 million, and US$4.2 million in their first days of crowdfunding, respectively.

The record-shattering growth of TI10’s prize pool can be attributed to the fact that the TI10 Battle Pass is the biggest one yet. This year’s Battle Pass notably gives owners the chance to acquire three Arcanas and two Hero Personas right off the bat, alongside the customary Immortal Treasure sets and other Battle Pass features.

Even if the crowdfunding for TI10’s prize pool is in full swing, the tournament itself won’t be happening this year after Valve announced earlier this month that TI10 has been delayed indefinitely due to the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

“After extensive consideration of the global health emergency stemming from COVID-19, we have made the difficult choice to delay The International. We have been exploring various date possibilities, but it is likely that the event will need to happen in 2021,” Valve said in a statement.

TI10 was originally scheduled to be held from August 18-23 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Even if we’ll have to wait until next year for TI10 itself, the tournament seems to be already set to break the record for the biggest prize pool for a single esports tournament that its previous iterations have set before.

Last year’s event, TI9, notably had a total prize pool of US$34,330,068, with the grand prize of over US$15.6 million going to the first-ever two-time TI champions, OG.

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