In this Upper Bracket semifinals clash between Team Secret and Alliance, Secret took the upper hand with a demoralizing victory in game one.

They then went in for the kill in game two with an incredibly agile lineup featuring Monkey King and Night Stalker.

Team Secret dominated all the lanes early in the game with Yazied “YapzOr” Jaradat’s Skywrath Mage shutting down the enemy Legion Commander, while Ludwig “zai” Whalberg took control of the Dire safe-lane.

The game continued to get worse for Alliance once Secret started rotating their heroes around the map. Secret quickly claimed towers and jumped to a 15-0 kill score lead.

Alliance’s core heroes couldn’t find the space to farm and were getting picked off around the map. Secret played a nearly flawless game and steamrolled their opponents.

After winning their series 2-0, Team Secret now advances to the upper bracket finals where they’re set to face Vici Gaming. Both teams faced each other during the opening match of Group B, where Team Secret won the series 2-1.

Meanwhile, Alliance’s Leipzig Major campaign continues on in the lower bracket where they await the winner of the lower bracket match between TNC Predator and Team Liquid.

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