On day two of ESL One Hamburg’s group stage, Team Liquid and Ninjas in Pyamas, two highly skilled European squads faced one another in an intense Dota 2 match that lasted over an hour.

Team Liquid took control of the mid-game after Samuel “Boxi” Svahn caught three NiP heroes with a Hoof Stomp followed by a well-placed Ice Blast ultimate from Aydin “INSaNiA” Sarkohi and Michael “miCKe” Vu’s Morphling cleans up the rest of NiP heroes.

A few minutes later, NiP caught Team Liquid’s core heroes off-guard at the middle lane, on two different occasions. This helped them get back into the game.

Team Liquid was able to take back control of the game after NiP used everything they had to take down miCKe. After a quick buyback by the Morphling, Team Liquid destroyed the depleted NiP squad.

After Team Liquid took down Roshan, they decided to siege the final remaining set of Barracks on the Dire base. Knowing that they needed insane amounts of damage to force their opponents out of their base, Nico “Gunnar” Lopez decided to purchase a Refresher Orb and with Malthe “Biver” Winther’s Grimstroke casting his Soulbind ability, Lina was able to land a quadruple Laguna Blade. This forced Team Liquid to retreat immediately.

Being two sets of Barracks behind, NiP knew they needed to win a convincing team fight. So, at the 62-minute mark, they made their move. NiP was able to take down Tommy “Taiga” Lee, but since they decided to take a fight on the Radiant Shrine, Liquid’s players were able to buyback and teleport in to rejoin the fight.

The game ended after Team Liquid won a team fight around the Roshan Pit. With two NiP heroes out and without buyback, Liquid claimed the Aegis of the Immortal, Aghanim’s Blessing, and Cheese. With a massive advantage on their side, Liquid rushed to the enemy Throne and finished the game.

Team Liquid then won a more decisive game two against NiP that only lasted 30 minutes. Team Liquid is currently in fourth place of Group B and has a 3-5 record.

Meanwhile, even after their loss to Team Liquid, NiP is ranked second in Group B with a 4-4 record.

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