T1 put on a show to start day two of the ONE Esports Dota 2 Jakarta Invitational Indonesia Regional Qualifier, cruising to two easy victories over Singaporean team, Tyrants Uprising.

Game One

Tyrants Uprising drafted two mobile carries with Ember Spirit on Chang De Wei “challenger” Darren in the middle lane, while Lim Qian “Mai LA JI TUI BAO” Liang played the Slark in the safe lane.

In response, T1 chose to go with heroes that counter their enemy melee caries with Naga Siren for Dominik “Black^” Reitmeier and Pangolier Muhammad “inYourdreaM” Rizky in the middle lane.

T1 immediately took a commanding lead against their opponents, as Tyrants Uprising struggled to secure kills in the laning phase. T1 dominated all lanes of the map with Lee “Forev” Sang-don’s Mars, inYourdreaM’s Pangolier, and Black^’s Naga Siren taking the top spots in the net worth chart.

Things only got worse for Tyrants Uprising as they were completely controlled by inYourdreaM’s Pangolier and his Rolling Thunder ultimate. Chang De Wei “challenger” Darren’s Ember Spirit tried to initiate for his team, but the rest of their lineup simply lacked the damage to stop T1’s progress.

T1 continued to win team fights and gained a 16,000 gold lead before the 20-minute mark of the first game. T1 eventually finished the game with a 31-4 final kill score.

Game Two

In game two, Tyrants Uprising put their tournament run on the line with a Slark hard carry, Death Prohpet in the middle lane, and an offlane Dazzle on Song Yong “Sylevan” Le.

Meanwhile, T1 drafted Mars, Void Spirit, and Troll Warlord as their cores, along with a support Puck on Tri “Jhocam” Kuncoro.

Unfortunately for the Singapore squad, it was all over from the start, as T1 jumped out to a 17-0 kill and 13,000 gold lead just 13 minutes into the game. inYourdreaM continued to outplay his middle lane counterpart with his Void Spirit, and in a repeat of the first game, T1’s cores out farmed and out leveled their opponents after the laning phase.

Tyrants Uprising made some brave attempts at plays despite being so behind, but it was clear that T1 had the superior team fight heroes.

Tyrants Uprising eventually did find some team fight success late in the game, but they were never able to threaten T1’s lead.

Forev and Jhocam both had amazing games, with Forev tanking most of the damage thrown by Tyrants Uprising and making initiation plays with his Arena of Blood ultimate, while Jhocam was always able to chase down retreating enemy heroes that helped T1 extend their lead.

T1 closed out the game just after the 30-minute mark when Forev caught four heroes in his Arena of Blood ultimate while the rest of the team provided the damage.

With the remnants of Tyrants Uprising trying to defend their base, Jhocam landed a three-man Drea Coil that finally forced Tyrants Uprising to tap out.

With their 2-0 victory, T1 advances to the Lower Bracket Finals of the Indonesia Qualifier where they’re set to face Team Oracle in a best-of-three elimination match.

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