Popular streamer, and ex-CS:GO pro, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, took a chance on the new Dota 2 auto chess game, Dota Underlords, and did fairly well for his first time.

Shroud only played one game of Dota Underlords, but was able to last 42 rounds, climbing all the way up to first place and winning a total of 28 rounds.

With some help from his streamer friends, he focused on a high magic damage build through the use of Mages such as Lich and Keeper of the Light with a factor of disruption made with Humans (Kunkka) and Primordial units (Razor).

With this build, Shroud kept his damage dealers in the backline while his tankier characters stayed in front to disable his opponents and make sure that he was always dealing damage first.

Despite his success, Shroud did not hesitate to return to streaming FPS games after his win. With an already FPS-heavy line up of games like PUBG and Apex Legends, his casual stint with Dota Underlords may just be a one-time thing.

You can watch the conclusion to the match here:

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