PaiN Gaming rampaged through the lower bracket of the Dota Summit 11 Minor South American (SA) qualifiers to secure an invite to the first event of the 2019-2020 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season.

Still reeling from their loss to Team Unknown, which denied them one of the SA slots in the MDL Chengdu Major, PaiN was knocked down to the lower bracket of the Minor qualifier playoffs by NoPing esports, 2-1.

The Brazilian stack were able to right the ship however, as they swept Incubus Gaming with two games clocking in at just 18 and 20 minutes.

PaiN carried that momentum into the next round to sweep FURIA Esports, 2-0 — all while superbly utilizing Abaddon, Dark Willow, and Keeper of the Light in both games. The win set them up for a rematch with NoPing for the Minor invite.

PaiN opened the series with a 26-minute win, courtesy of a heavy midgame lineup with Gyrocopter, Outworld Devourer, Pudge, Keeper of the Light, and Tusk. While PaiN ran the same strategy in the next two games, NoPing repeatedly played for the late game to deny them their strengths and go up 2-1.

On the verge of losing out on another DPC event slot, PaiN offlaner Rodrigo “Lelis” Santos stepped up on Axe to shut down NoPing’s melee cores and force a deciding game 5.

Lelis starred on Axe once more while William “hFn” Medeiros on Arc Warden and Adriano de Paula “4dr” Machado on Dragon Knight combined for an 18-0-24 KDA to take the series and the Minor invite.

The Dota Summit 11 Minor happens on November 7-10 in the Beyond the Summit studios in LA, California. Competing teams have their eyes on a share of the US$300,000 prize pool, 660 DPC points, and a direct invite to the Chengdu Major.

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