Royal Never Give Up has defeated Newbee 3-1 in the Grand Final of the ESL One Los Angeles Online Chinese bracket.

RNG had an impressive tournament, defeating all their Chinese opponents in the group stage. The team then continued their winning ways after defeating EHOME in the Upper Bracket Final.

During the first two games in their Grand Final series against Newbee, Gao “Setsu” Zhenxiong put together two stellar performances as RNG’s middle laner.

Setsu dominated the first game of the series with his incredible Storm Spirit play. Despite being up against a Phantom Lancer with a Diffusal Blade, Setsu was still able to use all his abilities and dealt critical damage against Newbee.

During a crucial team fight inside the Rosh Pit, Setsu perfectly timed his Black King Bar activation right before Zeng “Faith” Hongda’s Hookshot and Wen “Wizard” Lipeng’s Blink-Hoof Stomp landed. Setsu then eliminated Newbee’s support heroes in the backline and gave RNG the Aegis of the Immortal advantage, which helped his team win the first game.

Setsu then followed up his Storm Spirit performance with a better Puck performance that shut down Yin “Aq” Rui’s own Storm Spirit. With Puck’s reduced Waning Rift cool down, along with its increased area of effect and range talent tree upgrades at levels 20 and 25, Setsu chased and locked down Aq and gave RNG a 2-0 lead over Newbee.

After losing the third game to Newbee’s surprise Alchemist pick, RNG finished the series with another impressive showing from Setsu who dominated the net worth chart with his Templar Assassin along with Du “Monet” Peng’s Lifestealer. RNG was able to shut down Newbee’s popular Morphling strategy.

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