Come one, come all, for the greatest show on earth — not The International 2023 grand finals, but the reveal of its dastardly new hero.

The Ringmaster will be the MOBA’s latest hero, following the release of Muerta. In a trailer dropped after the lower bracket final of TI12, we get to see our first glimpse of the head of the circus — and start speculating on just what novel madness he might bring to the game.

Ringmaster Dota 2: New hero to release in 2024

Dota 2 Ringmaster trailer's trap
Credit: Valve

The Ringmaster doesn’t exactly make an appearance. Instead, he’s playing the long game with Axe — leading the strength hero on with a mechanical Kobold Foremani towards a carnival game-like contraption.

The machine unfolds into a personal strength tester for Axe, filled with various artistic depictions of Mogul Khan, tricking the strength hero into testing his might — and falling into a gnarly trap in the process, getting grabbed by mechanical arms that spawn from inside the gadget.

We then only get our first glimpse at Ringmaster in the end card, depicting a gaunt man who appears to have some mechanical parts.

Initial impressions seem to paint the hero as a sort of trickster, with the ability to summon devices that will be able to lock down heroes, perhaps in the vein of trappers like Techies.

You can watch the full Ringmaster trailer here.

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