Malaysia’s Team Oracle have defeated T1 2-1 for the second time this weekend, setting up a rematch against BOOM Esports in the ONE Esports Dota 2 Jakarta Invitational Indonesia Regional Qualifier Grand Final.

Game One

Team Oracle started the match with a Lifestealer for Daniel “Ghost” Chan, Death Prophet for Meng “No7” Ou, and an offlane Centaur Warrunner for Steven “Monster” Noel.

In response, T1 drafted Spectre for Dominik “Black^ Reitmeier, a middle lane Pangolier for inYourdreaM, along with a Night Stalker for Lee “Forev” Sang-don.

The laning phase for both teams was fairly even with all their cores securing farm and early game kills at an even pace. But Team Oracle gained the team fight advantage with No7’s Exorcism ultimate that helped them secure multiple Radiant Towers along with the Aegis of the Immortal.

Team Oracle would eventually put the pressure on T1’s Radiant base and this is where most of the late game team fights took place. T1 was often forced to take fights in open spaces and this gave inYourdreaM and Forev a clear disadvantage.

Instead of facing Team Oracle head-on, T1 sent Black^’s Spectre to farm and push the other lanes while their opponents grouped up outside the Radiant base. This gave Black^ the opportunity to farm his own Abyssal Blade, which helped his team win the remaining team fights.

T1 took control of the game after Tri “Jhocam” Kuncoro prevented Team Oracle from retreating with his Dream Coil ultimate. This locked the Dire team in place and Black^ used his own Haunt ultimate to eliminate the remaining Team Oracle heroes.

T1 would eventually end the game after Oracle failed to claim the Mega Creep advantage. With T1’s Spectre acquiring his key items, Team Oracle’s could not contest and were forced to call GG.

Game Two

In game two, T1 hoped to close out the series with their Monkey King, Arc Warden, and Snapfire core lineup,

Meanwhile, Oracle were able to pick the often-banned hard carry Medusa for Ghost. They finished their drafting phase with Vengeful Spirit, Clockwerk, Tiny, and Lina — all heroes with stun and crowd control abilities.

T1 took the quick kill score lead, while Team Oracle focused on gaining the overall net worth lead.

Phuc “lordboonz” Nguyen’s Vengeful Spirit completely countered Black^’s Monkey King ultimate by Swapping him out of the Wukong’s Command circle. This gave Ghost and No7 the opening they needed to shoot down T1’s heroes.

Once Adrian “Districe” Eng farmed his Blink Dagger, he began Tossing T1’s heroes out of their base. After Team Oracle took down two sets of Barracks, Ghost used the gold from those buildings to secure his Divine Rapier, and T1 weren’t able to recover from their mid-game team fight losses.

Game Three

In the final game of the series, T1 drafted a lineup that relied on timing pushes with Slark, Beastmaster, and Pugna.

Meanwhile, Team Oracle decided to go with their Medusa and Vengeful Spirit combo again, along with a Puck in the middle lane.

As expected, T1 made an emphasis on putting in early game pressure and targeted Team Oracle’s Towers with inYourdreaM’s Pugna. The rest of T1’s heroes kept hunting down Ghost’s Medusa in an attempt to delay the hero’s power spike.

Team Oracle then decided to meet T1’s early game aggression head-on, instead of having Ghost’s Medusa split farm or stay in the Dire jungle. This decision forced T1 out of their side of the map and delayed the game in Team Oracle’s favor.

After T1 were able to bait Ghost’s Stone Gaze ultimate with their smoke gank attempt, the Radiant squad immediately ran into the Roshan Pit hoping to force another fight, or claim the Aegis of the Immortal for themselves. Instead, T1 tried to contest Team Oracle’s high ground but were forced to retreat after taking multiple Split Shot attacks.

Ghost’s Medusa eventually farmed her Divine Rapier, which was the deciding factor in the game. With Team Oracle blocking Black^’s Slark and Ghost raining Split Shot damage on all enemy heroes in the area, T1 were forced to relinquish control of their Radiant base and call GG.

Team Oracle advance to the Grand Final where they’re set to have a best-of-three rematch with BOOM Esports with a spot in the ONE Esports Dota 2 Indonesia Invitational on the line.

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