With Week 3 of the ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League competition in the books, we now know which teams will most likely advance to the Upper Bracket. Meanwhile, the rest of the pack will need to clutch out the remainder of their games if they want to move ahead of the competition.

Fans can look through the previous Week 3 power rankings here. And here is the detailed breakdown of how the teams stack up, moving forward to the final week of the Group Stage: 

1. Fnatic

Record: 5-1-0

Last week: 1

Fnatic continues to prove that they are the best team in Southeast Asia by sweeping the struggling NEW Esports squad, after the 7.27 patch was dropped before Week 4 started.

This time around, Fnatic proved that any player of the squad could take over a game at any given moment, as the team tried out a Mirana hard carry for Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon against NEW Esports. But, with the team lacking damage in team fights, it was Daryl Koh “iceiceice” Pei Xiang’s Timbersaw that shredded Fnatic’s opponents and gave them another signature win in the tournament.

Fnatic will have three more matches to play to end their group stage run and will most likely end up with an Upper Bracket spot in the Playoffs. Expect to see some of the most creative drafting in the tournament when Fnatic faces Neon Esports. Fnatic will then shift their attention to a rematch against Geek Fam, after losing to them 2-1 during the Upper Bracket Semifinal of BTS Pro Series Season 2: Southeast Asia. Fnatic’s final match of the Group Stage will be against their SEA rivals, TNC Predator.

2. TNC Predator

Record: 4-2-0

Last week: 5

TNC put together their best SEA League performance in Week 3 by defeating both BOOM Esports and Reality Rift in convincing fashion. The Filipino squad has found a way to make their hero drafts work in the new 7.27 patch update, especially with Armel Paul “Armel” Tabios dictating the tempo of the game using his early game rotations.

After their middling Week 1 start to the Group Stage, where they tied with Adroit and NEW Esports, TNC are now at 6-0 and have proven themselves as another frontrunner in the tournament.

TNC will have their toughest run yet in the Group Stage of Week 4, as they’re set to go up against Geek Fam, Fnatic, and T1. As of now, TNC is also expected to advance into the Upper Bracket of the Playoffs.

3. Geek Fam

Record: 2-2-1

Last week: 3

Credit: Geek Fam

Geek Fam moves down our Power Rankings list this week due to their inconsistent results in the Group Stage. The team managed to defeat the struggling NEW Esports squad, but failed to defeat Reality Rift after being caught off guard by a core Spirit Breaker pick.

Geek Fam still has a shot at greatly improving their record. In Week 4, the team will have four matches they could possibly win. They’re set to face T1, Fnatic, TNC Predator, and Adroit. And, if they manage to win the remainder of their games, they could secure a top 4 finish and advance to the Upper Bracket.

4. T1

Record: 3-1-3

Last week: 7

T1 looked like a new and improved team after they upset BOOM Esports during the first day of Week 3, by pulling out a surprise Io carry draft for Galvin “Meracle” Kang Jian Wen. But, on the last day of Week 3, T1 was totally outclassed by Neon Esports who completely shutdown their Io-centered draft.

T1 also attempted new strategies during the Group Stage but has been making sloppy mistakes, such as poor positioning and being uncoordinated at times. The team has shown they’re capable of going toe-to-toe with the best teams in the tournament, but they’ve regressed after their loss to Fnatic during Week 2.

T1 has two matches left before they finish their Group Stage run. First, they’re going up against Geek Fam. They will also be the closing match of the Group Stage, as they look to upset TNC predator and maintain their Upper Bracket spot for the Playoffs.

5. BOOM Esports

Record: 2-3-3

Last week: 2

After finishing Week 2 with mostly 1-1 draws, BOOM Esports had their worst string of losses in Week 3. They lost to T1 and TNC Predator, then were upset by Adroit, the team in last place of the Group Stage.

BOOM Esports’ disciplined and passive play have proven to be unsuccessful in the new 7.27 patch meta, as they continuously fell behind against their opponents. The team’s focus on the hard carry position (that worked before the most recent patch) has become the team’s major weakness.

BOOM only has one match left in the Group Stage, and it’s against the equally struggling NEW Esports. Even if the team wins the series, they will most likely end up in the Lower Bracket of the Playoffs.

6. Neon Esports

Record: 2-3-2

Last week: 6

Neon Esports only played one match in Week 3, but they’ve shown how the new metagame fits well with how they play.

With their unorthodox drafts like a hard support Dragon Knight or Faceless Void, opposing teams will often be thrown off guard in countering Neon Esports. At the same time, Neon Esports will have to show they’re capable of providing stellar play if they want to get ahead of T1 and BOOM Esports.

Neon will be facing another Filipino squad, Adroit, followed by tournament favorites, Fnatic to close out their Group Stage run.

7. Reality Rift

Record: 2-3-3

Last week: 8

Credit: Reality Rift

Reality Rift put together a break-even performance as the team upset NEW Esports during their first match. But the team then tied with Geek Fam 1-1 and lost to TNC Predator, which all took place in Week 3.

Reality Rift has shown glimpses of great coordination, but the team’s hard carry player, Andrew “drew” Halim needs more discipline, since the team frequently relies on him to finish the game.

The team only has one match left against Adroit; however, even if they manage to win that series, it is still highly likely Reality Rift ends up in the Lower Bracket.

8. NEW Esports

Record: 3-2-3

Last week: 5

New Esports’ fall from grace is courtesy of six straight losses during Week 3. They lost to Reality Rift, Geek Fam, and Fnatic, looking lost after the 7.27 patch was implemented.

Despite this, the team still has a shot at finishing in the Upper Bracket if they manage to defeat BOOM Esports in the last week of the Group Stage.

9. Adroit Esports

Record: 1-4-1

Last week: 9

Credit: Team Adroit

Even though Adoit earned their first series win of the tournament when they defeated BOOM Esports in Week 3, the team has the most draws of any team in the competition.

As such, Team Adroit will be walking into Week 4 of the Group Stage with additional pressure, needing to clutch out wins against Neon Esports, Geek Fam, and Reality Rift if they want to advance to the Playoffs.

RankTeam NameW-T-LRecordPoints
2.TNC Predator4-2-010-214
3.NEW Esports3-2-38-811
5.Neon Esports2-3-27-79
5.BOOM Esports2-3-37-99
5.Reality Rift2-3-37-99
8.Geek Fam2-2-16-48
9.Team Adroit1-4-16-67

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