Team Nigma’s star carry duo of Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi and Aliwi “w33” Omar had back-to-back stellar performances to lead their team to a 3-2 series victory over HellRaisers in the WeSave! Charity Play EU-versus-CIS Grand Final.

After gaining a commanding 2-1 series lead, HR looked to close out the finals in game four with a strong midgame timing push. However, Nigma countered their opponents’ strategy with a signature last pick Meepo for w33, while Miracle was put on a core Dazzle to help enable his teammate.

HR looked to be in a commanding position during the laning phase, but a couple of timely ganks and rotations from w33 allowed him to snowball out of control while also shutting down their opponents’ progression.

HR’s lineup was far from fighting shape as the game reached the 20-minute mark, while w33 was already beginning to peak in strength. Despite their best efforts, the CIS team could do little to stop w33 from winning back-to-back teamfights for Nigma and force the GG call after just 22 minutes of action.

W33 had a clean 15 kills — over half of Nigma’s 26 total takedowns in that game — while Miracle added six of his own as Nigma forced the series to a deciding game five.

HR opted for another strong midgame lineup in the decider, while Nigma looked to take the series late with Miracle on Morphling and w33 taking his turn on the core Dazzle.

Miracle had a horrendous start to the game as HR won the laning phase handily, but Nigma was able to delay their opponents’ midgame push through a relentless split-push.

Nigma’s split-pushing gave Miracle enough space to catch up in farm and lead his team in threatening HR’s base, just as when the CIS team’s lineup was peaking in strength and supposed to break into their opponents’ high ground. While HR was able to repeatedly break Nigma’s siege attempts, it was clear that Miracle’s Morphling was becoming too much to handle.

As the game passed the 40-minute mark, both teams were wary of taking straight-up five-on-five clashes and instead repeatedly tried to probe the other for weaknesses. That led to both teams using Smoke of Deceit and ending up face-to-face in a huge engagement at the 42-minute mark, where Nigma ended up victorious after they outlasted HR’s barrage of spells.

Miracle then led his team in winning one last clash at the 46-minute mark to force the GG call from HR and win the EU-versus-CIS Finals. Miracle ended game five with a stellar 15/2/6 KDA, with his two deaths only happening during the laning phase.

Having won the WeSave! EU and EU-versus-CIS Finals, Nigma also extend their WePlay! championship streak to three events, counting the WePlay! Bukovel Minor in January and WePlay! Tug of War: Mad Moon in February.

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