Fnatic and Complexity have both had a terrible start to the MDL Disneyland Paris Major, and are now paying the price, with the loser of their Group D match-up being sent to the best-of-one elimination lower bracket.

Both teams seemed to be on an equal footing but the first match had Fnatic with a better line-up, with multiple ways to counter Complexity’s Broodmother pick. During the 23-minute mark, Fnatic pressured the bottom tier two tower, which the NA squad contested, leading to a devastating team wipe that lost them the first match.


Fnatic, however, didn’t perform in the following game, making questionable decisions such as roaming the enemy jungle carelessly and giving Complexity an advantage that snowballed into a win for them.

In the final deciding match, Complexity decided to go for risky and unorthodox strategies, but thankfully, it was Singaporean carry Galvin “Meracle” Wen that bailed out the team with his amazing Morphing carry play as he went 18 kills, one death, and 18 assists and singlehandedly took down the enemy ancient throne despite it having backdoor protection.

The second day of the group stages also featured intense Dota 2 action with OG’s match with Complexity along with Team Liquid’s rematch with Keen Gaming.

The MDL Disneyland Paris Major continues later today and will be streamed here.

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