MDL Chengdu Major, the first DPC Major of the 2019-2020 season began today and the best Dota 2 teams battled valiantly, looking to dominate the Group Stage portion of the tournament and score a coveted Upper Bracket berth. Here’s how Group A played out.

EHOME defeats Fighting PandaS, 2-1 (Group A Opening Match)

Contrary to expectations, Fighting PandaS was able to surprise fans by winning the first match of the series. Jingjun “Sneyking” Wu’s impressive performance on his Mirana helped the North American squad score the upset victory.

He was able to control the laning stage during the first game, which prevented EHOME from playing aggressively. Eventually, EHOME’s deficit grew more and more up until they were forced to call good game.

In the following two games, EHOME improved on their draft choices and was in complete control of the remainder of the series. With the win, EHOME advanced to the Upper Bracket Match of Group A while Fighting PandaS were sent to the Lower Bracket Match.

TNC outplays Team Unknown, 2-0 (Group A Opening Match)

TNC proved to everyone that they are one of the clear favorites to win the entire tournament. During their match against Team Unknown, both games ended quickly, with the South American squad even tapping out at the 17-minute mark of game two.

TNC takes out EHOME, 2-0 (Group A Upper Bracket Match)

TNC continued to their group stage wins by defeating EHOME with a convincing 2-0 end result. Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte on the Night Stalker completely dominated the game. During Night Time, TNC had a clear advantage against EHOME thanks to the Night Stalker. Thanks to their incredible team-play, TNC were so far ahead that at one point, they had a 55,000 gold lead against EHOME.

In the following game, TNC went with the popular Morphling-Earthshaker combo and once again, Gabbi put on a show and started erasing EHOME’s heroes as soon as he farmed up his Aghanim’s Scepter. The Southeast Asian squad has now secured an Upper Bracket slot for the Playoff Stage after taking the top spot of Group A.

Meanwhile the rest of the Group A matches will be played tomorrow, where EHOME awaits the winner of Fighting PandaS versus Team Unknown.

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