With the second Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Major/Minor qualifier events now over, Valve made some timely, key adjustments and much-needed hero changes for Dota 2 via the 7.23c patch.

The biggest change in the patch affects Magnus’ Skewer ability. The skill has now been changed to a 50% mana cost, instead of the 100% reduction. This means the skill will now require mana to be cast. The ability has also received an increased cooldown of six seconds instead of four.

Credit: NiP team captain Peter “PPD” Dager

Magnus has been making headlines in pub games and most recently during the European regional qualifier grand final match between Nigma Esports and Vikin.gg for the WePlay! Bukovel Minor 2020. Jason “TANNER” Weedon showcased how broken the hero was by Skewering Aliwi “w33” Omar straight to the Dire fountain.

Here are a few other notable changes from the 7.23c patch:

Outpost experience has been reduced from 25 per minute to just 18. Item changes were made as well, with the Third Eye item being removed from the game and the Telescope changed to a Tier 3 item, instead of being a Tier 4.

Valve has also reworked Treant Protector once again. They have made the Nature’s Guise a passive ability that gives players the innate ability to pass through trees if they haven’t taken damage in the last three seconds. While in the trees, the player will gain a 25% regeneration and heal buff, as well as a 15% movement speed bonus. They’ve also made the Living Armor ability global again.

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