Day 4 of DreamLeague 13: The Leipzig Major Playoffs continued with three incredible elimination matches.

Here’s a recap of the exciting Day 4 action:

Invictus Gaming eliminate Beastcoast, 2-0

Chinese organization Invictus Gaming proved to be the superior team against North American squad Beastcoast during their Lower Bracket elimination match.

Zhou “Emo” Yi’s Leshrac had an amazing first game against Beastcoast. He dictated the pace of the game and was IG’s primary damage dealer while being supported by Chan “Oli” Kien’s Oi. This gave Jin “flyfly” Zhiyi’s Slark time to catch up and help the team win the first game.

In the following game, Beastcoast decided to go for a position 1 Doom Bringer on Hector “K1” Rodriguez. The hero did well in terms of farming but failed to make an impact during the team fights. IG’s relentless pressure eventually caused Beastcoast to break and exit the series.

Beastcoast finishes at 7th-8th place at the Leipzig Major, earning US$40,000 and 450 DPC points.

Team Liquid end TNC’s run, 2-1

European squad Team Liquid defeated Southeast Asian team TNC in the following Lower Bracket elimination match of the tournament.

Liquid played one of their best games of the tournament with their Drow Ranger, Viper, and Slardar core hero lineup. Both Aydin “iNSaNiA” Sarkohi and Tommy “Taiga” Le had an exceptional support performance. Taiga provided timely Overgrowths with his Blink Dagger, while iNSaNiA had multiple save plays on his core heroes.

TNC answered back with an impressive game two performance. The SEA team drafted a Templar Assassin for Armel “Armel” Tabios that destroyed Team Liquid’s lineup.

In game three, Team Liquid had an incredible start going up 13-2, but TNC answered back with exceptional Earthshaker plays from Timothy “Tims” Randrup. But Taiga outshined his position 4 counterpart with an even better Enigma performance and helped his team take the game three clincher.

TNC exits the Leipzig Major at 7th-8th place, walking away with US$40,000 and 450 DPC points.

Evil Geniuses advance against IG, 2-1

North American squad Evil Geniuses won the final elimination match of the day against Chinese team Invictus Gaming.

Abed “Abed” Yusop’s Outworld Devourer play carried his team to an easy game one victory over IG.

In game two, IG evened up the series against EG by shutting down Artour “Arteezy” Babaev’s Anti-Mage. IG also surprised their opponents with a Clinkz pick on flyfly that destroyed EG’s support heroes.

In the clincher, however, EG closed out the series by outperforming their opponents during critical team fights.

With the win, EG advances to the Lower Bracket Semifinals where they await the winner of the Lower Bracket Quarterfinals match between Alliance and Team Liquid.

Meanwhile, IG ended their Leipzig Major campaign at 5th-6th place, with earnings of US$60,000 and 900 DPC points.

The Leipzig Major continues with two more Lower Bracket elimination matches. First, Alliance goes head-to-head against Team Liquid, with the winner taking on Evil Geniuses in the final series of the day.

Right between the two elimination matches will be a highly-anticipated Upper Bracket Finals match between Vici Gaming and Team Secret.

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