Invictus Gaming evolved the popular Naga Siren and Disruptor hero combo at the Leipzig Major with the addition of Keeper of the Light.

In game three of an elimination match between IG and Team Aster, Jin “flyfly” Zhiyi’s Naga Siren used Song of the Siren to setup Static Storm and Kinetic Field disables from Hu “Kaka” Liangzhi’s Disruptor that left Team Aster’s Ember Spirit and Doom Bringer helpless.

The other Aster heroes nearby were then controlled by Chan “Oli” Kien’s Keeper of the Light who dropped the Will-O-Wisp.

IG’s superior draft choice was too much for Team Aster to handle. Thiay “JT-” Wen outperformed the enemy Doom Bringer in the laning stage. This gave IG a slight edge when both teams started taking full team fights.

While IG’s support’s had superior control spells and abilities, their cores were also incredibly mobile and chased down Team Aster’s key heroes.

With their 2-1 series victory, Invictus Gaming advances to the third round of the lower bracket of the Leipzig Major, where they’re set to face Beastcoast in an elimination match.

Meanwhile, Team Aster exit the tournament with a 9th-12th finish earning them US$25,000 and 150 DPC points.

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