Dota 2’s enigmatic lead developer, Icefrog, has announced that the game’s latest patch, 7.27, will be coming out “in a couple of weeks.”

IceFrog made the rare announcement on the Dota 2 development forum, revealing that the upcoming update will be a massive one as it will be released in two parts.

It’s also worth noting that this is the first time in Dota 2’s history that Icefrog himself announced that a patch is on its way. Updates were usually released once a Major cycle in the Dota Pro Circuit has concluded or with no prior notice.

The first part of the 7.27 patch will be focused on item and economy changes as well as miscellaneous adjustments. The second part of the patch, which contains hero-focused changes, will be released shortly after.

The 7.27 patch seems to be following a new update implementation system for Dota 2 used in the 7.25 and 7.26 patches. Both updates notably included sweeping changes to the game and were quickly followed by smaller patches that either introduced balance tweaks or revert previous changes.

The current Dota 2 patch, 7.26c, was released on May 3 and mainly focused on tweaking Hero Talents after they were nerfed across the board in 7.26b, released just five days before.

Due to the changes introduced by the most recent patches, summoner heroes such as Lycan and Beastmaster have emerged as the most powerful heroes in the current metagame. Necronomicon also remains a very popular pickup for those two heroes and others across almost all roles.

Expect them to be hit the hardest by the nerf bat once 7.27 has been released.

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