SEA squad, Reality Rift, showed that they shouldn’t be underestimated in this Group C match against at the Leipzig Major.

In game two, Mongolian player, Ravdan “Hustla” Narmandkah had an unbelievable game on Rubick.

He first managed to Spell Steal Naga Siren’s Song of the Siren ultimate to prevent VP from retreating. He then stole Underlord’s Dark Rift ultimate at the end of the engagement.

A few moments later, Reality Rift decided to chase down VP’s heroes who were retreating towards their base. Hustla blinked into the Radiant base and cast his stolen Song to take down Vladimir “No[o]ne Minenko’s Death Prophet.

With the Mega Creep advantage on Reality Rift’s side, the team decided to take a fight right outside the Radiant fountain after Hustla used both his stolen Static Storm and Song ultimates.

Reality Rift finished the series with another stolen Song from Hustla that set up an amazing Psy Blade attack from AlaCrity’s Templar Assassin.

Hustla wasn’t finished though, as he then stole Dazzle’s Shallow Grave ability and saved his Vengeful Spirit teammate.

Reality Rift advanced to the Decider Match of Group D where they lost 2-0 against Alliance.

They will be next face TNC Predator in the lower bracket of the tournament.

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