Dota 2 developer Valve has made some minor tweaks to the way how the DPC will be run this season.

The 2020 Dota Pro Circuit Season will still feature five Majors and five Minors, with teams who participate earning DPC points to score one of the 12 direct invites to The International 2020.

However, both Major and Minor qualifiers for the third season have been combined into a single week-long tournament, giving teams a bit more downtime compared to the previous season.

Also changed are the Regional Qualifiers format for the Major and Minor, with them now featuring three phases. The first phase will be two days long and will feature two groups of five teams, where they will compete in a series of best-of-two matches.

The top eight teams with DPC points will be invited, while the two remaining slots will be determined by the Open Qualifiers. In the case that there are not enough teams have DPC points, Valve will decide how to distribute the remaining slots.

The top two teams from each group will advance to the second phase, with the third-place finishers advancing to the third phase. The remaining teams are eliminated and will receive 10 DPC points. In case the region has three Major and two Minor invites, both fourth-place teams will play a best-of-three match to determine which team advances.

The second phase will feature four teams playing double-elimination matches with the top two or three teams qualifying to the Major. The rest advance to the third phase where they will play another set of double elimination matches with the top two qualifying to the Minor, and the rest getting 20 DPC points.

Major events will still award a total of 15,000 DPC points, though a first-place finish will now earn teams 4,850 instead of 4,950 DPC points. Valve has also increased points earned for teams who finish in 13th-16th place to 100, instead of 75 DPC points. Meanwhile, for Minor events, Valve has increased the total Pro Circuit points to 660, compared to 500 points last year and have also increased all placement finishes by 20 points.

Points are still earned by teams instead of players, and points will still determine which teams will receive direct invites to Regional Qualifiers. If a team decides to remove a player after securing a slot at a Major or a Minor, they will receive a 20% deduction to points obtained during that event, in addition to the normal 40% point penalty for using a substitute player during a LAN event.

Teams who are looking to sign up for the September 30 to October 5 qualifiers, registration is now available here. All teams interested in participating must be registered by September 28.

For more details about the new 2019-2020 DPC season, click here.

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