Geek Fam ground out a 2-1 victory over Team Adroit in their elimination match to start the third day of the ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League Playoffs.

After Adroit took a dominant win in game one, Geek Fam’s core players, Marc Polo “Raven” Fausto, Karl “Karl” Jayme, and Carlo “Kuku” Palad, excelled in the next two games to help the team stay alive in the league.

Adroit ran one of their signature aggressive midgame drafts to open the series, with John Anthony “Natsumi-” Vargas on Riki and Mc Nicholson “Mac” Villanueva on a mid Magnus. Geek Fam’s slow-paced lineup, headed by Raven on Phantom Assassin, simply couldn’t stand up to Adroit’s aggression and conceded the game after 32 minutes.

Adroit looked to close out the series with another aggressive midgame lineup, with Natsumi on Lifestealer and Mac on Ember Spirit leading the way. Geek Fam opted for a four-protect-one lineup with Raven on Gyrocopter, Karl on a mid Batrider, and Kuku on Beastmaster.

Mac got off to a hot start and led Adroit in snowballing well into the midgame, with Geek Fam’s slow-paced lineup looking like it will be overwhelmed again. After Adroit took four kills in a huge fight for Roshan at the 26-minute mark, Geek Fam looked like they were headed for an early exit from the SEA League.

However, Raven was able to pick up a Divine Rapier and win back-to-back clashes for Geek Fam to turn the game around. Adroit didn’t have an answer for Raven’s huge damage output, and so were unable to stop Geek Fam from destroying their Ancient after 48 minutes to tie up the series.

Raven finished the game with an excellent 17/1/8 KDA to force the elimination match to a decider.

Adroit ran with a strong teamfight lineup in game three, with Mac on Shadow Fiend and Jun “Bok” Kanehara on Tidehunter while Natsumi was the designated damage-dealer with Phantom Lancer.

Meanwhile, Geek Fam opted for a hard-hitting, highly-mobile tri-core with Raven on a carry Nature’s Prophet, Karl on Ember Spirit, and Kuku on Legion Commander. Karl went on a tear early to lead Geek Fam in applying heavy pressure on Adroit and slowing down their progression.

However, Adroit were able to strike back and keep things close once Natsumi’s Phantom Lancer came online by the 30-minute mark. Geek Fam were still too strong to take on in a straight-up fight, however, so Adroit looked to force engagements around the Roshan pit where their strong teamfight abilities gave them the advantage.

In what ended up being the deciding clash of the series, Kuku perfectly timed his activation of his Minotaur Horn to avoid both Mac’s Requiem of Souls and Bok’s Ravage. With Adroit’s big teamfight combo having virtually no effect on them, Geek Fam won the clash and secured the series after 43 minutes of action.

Karl ended the series by notching an excellent 18/3/15 KDA while Raven pitched in with an 11/2/21 line as Geek Fam kept their tournament hopes alive.

Adroit bow out of the SEA League with a respectable 5th-6th place finish, especially when considering they barely made it out of the group stage. They will be taking home US$4,000 for their efforts.

Meanwhile, Geek Fam advance to the next round of the Lower Bracket where they will be taking on an ascendant T1 squad.

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