Defeating Roshan in Dota 2 is a perilous task, but the rewards are substantial, granting players powerful items and a significant edge in their quest to destroy the enemy Ancient.

In this article presented in collaboration with Samsung, ONE Esports’ Caisam “Wolf” Nopueto breaks down G2.iG’s incredible strategy to take down Roshan outside of its pit during their lower bracket match versus fellow Chinese team Xtreme Gaming.

At the 70-minute mark of game one, G2.iG badly needed the Aegis of the Immortal from Roshan to stand a chance against Xtreme’s late-game focused composition led by Wang “Ame” Chunyu’s Naga Siren. They managed to defeat the formidable neutral creep just as it attempted to teleport through the Dire Twin Gate.

While G2.iG couldn’t convert this remarkable Roshan play into a victory, it showcased their ingenuity within the game. Here’s a breakdown of how they executed this innovative tactic.

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