Updated on May 20, 3 a.m. (GMT+8): Updated final rankings.

Prepare to witness epic Dota 2 battles as the PGL Wallachia Season 1 takes place in Romania from May 10 to 19.

The most formidable teams across six regions clash for the largest share of the whopping US$1 million prize pool.

Here’s all you need to know about the tournament, including schedule, results, format, participating teams, prize distribution, and where to watch the games.

What is PGL Wallachia Season 1?

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PGL Wallachia Season 1 is the inaugural tournament of a brand new Dota 2 competition series organized by PGL for 2024 to 2026.

This major esports event boasts a US$1 million prize pool, and features 16 of the world’s top teams from Western Europe, Eastern Europe, China, Southeast Asia, North America, and South America.

The tournament takes place entirely offline, with teams competing from PGL Studios in Bucharest, Romania.

PGL Wallachia Season 1 format

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The tournament is divided into group stage and playoffs.

In the group stage, the 16 teams compete in best-of-three matches under a modified Swiss system.

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The top eight teams advance to the playoffs, while the remaining squads are eliminated.

In the playoffs, the eight teams clash in a double-elimination bracket. All matches are best-of-three, except for the grand final, which is a best-of-five.

PGL Wallachia Season 1 schedule, results, and standings

Group stageMay 10-15
PlayoffsMay 16-19

Group stage standings

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Team Falcons3 — 0
Xtreme Gaming3 — 0
Aurora3 — 1
Gaimin Gladiators3 — 1
Team Spirit3 — 1
BOOM Esports3 — 2
G2 x iG3 — 2
Team Liquid3 — 2
BetBoom Team2 — 3
Shopify Rebellion2 — 3
Team Secret2 — 3
MOUZ1 — 3
nouns1 — 3
Virtus.pro1 — 3
Azure Ray0 — 3

Group stage schedule and results

(Rolling schedule)

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Round 1

Aurora2 — 1MOUZ
Azure Ray1 — 2nouns
BetBoom2 — 0Shopify Rebellion
Xtreme Gaming2 — 0BOOM Esports
Team Spirit2 — 0Virtus.pro
Team Liquid2 — 0G2.iG
Team Falcons2 — 0HEROIC
Gaimin Gladiators2 — 0Team Secret

Round 2 (1 — 0)

BetBoom0 — 2Aurora
Team Liquid0 — 2Xtreme Gaming
Team Falcons2 — 1nouns
Gaimin Gladiators2 — 1Team Spirit

Round 2 (0 — 1)

Azure Ray0 — 2MOUZ
Shopify Rebellion2 — 1Virtus.pro
HEROIC0 — 2BOOM Esports
G2 x iG1 — 2Team Secret

Round 3 (1 — 1)

Team Liquid0 — 2Shopify Rebellion
BetBoom2 — 0MOUZ
Team Spirit2 — 0nouns
Team Secret1 — 2BOOM Esports

Round 3 (2 — 0)

Xtreme Gaming2 — 0Aurora
Gaimin Gladiators1 — 2Team Falcons

Xtreme Gaming and Team Falcons advance to the playoffs.

Round 3 (0 — 2)

Azure Ray1 — 2G2 x iG
HEROIC0 — 2Virtus.pro

Azure Ray and HEROIC are eliminated.

Round 4 (1 — 2)

nouns0 — 2G2 x iG
Team Liquid2 — 0MOUZ
Team Secret2 — 1Virtus.pro

Nouns, MOUZ, and Virtus.pro are eliminated.

Round 4 (2 — 1)

Aurora2 — 0Shopify Rebellion
Gaimin Gladiators2 — 1BOOM Esports
BetBoom0 — 2Team Spirit

Aurora, Gaimin Gladiators, and Team Spirit advance to the playoffs.

Round 5 (2 — 2)

BOOM Esports2 — 1Shopify Rebellion
BetBoom1 — 2G2 x iG
Team Liquid2 — 0Team Secret

BOOM Esports, G2 x iG, and Team Liquid advance to the playoffs.

Shopify Rebellion, BetBoom, and Team Secret are eliminated.


May 16 (Thursday)

Upper bracket quarterfinals

Xtreme Gaming2 — 0G2 x iG
Aurora1 — 2Team Spirit
Team Falcons2 — 0BOOM Esports
Gaimin Gladiators1 — 2Team Liquid

Xtreme Gaming, Team Spirit, Team Falcons, and Team Liquid advance to upper bracket semifinals.

G2 x iG, Aurora, BOOM Esports, and Gaimin Gladiators drop to lower bracket round 1.

May 17 (Friday)

Lower bracket round 1

G2 x iG2 — 1Aurora
BOOM Esports2 — 0Gaimin Gladiators

G2 x iG and BOOM Esports advance to lower bracket quarterfinals.

Aurora and Gaimin Gladiators are eliminated.

Upper bracket semifinals

Xtreme Gaming2 — 0Team Spirit
Team Falcons2 — 1Team Liquid

Xtreme Gaming and Team Falcons advance to upper bracket final.

Team Spirit and Team Liquid drop to lower bracket quarterfinals

May 18 (Saturday)

Lower bracket quarterfinals

Team Spirit2 — 0BOOM Esports
Team Liquid0 — 2G2 x iG

Team Spirit and G2 x iG advance to lower bracket semifinal.

BOOM Esports and Team Liquid are eliminated.

Upper bracket final

Xtreme Gaming2 — 0Team Falcons

Xtreme Gaming advances to grand final.

Team Falcons drops to lower bracket final.

Lower bracket semifinal

Team Spirit2 — 0G2 x iG

Team Spirit advances to lower bracket final.

G2 x iG is eliminated.

May 19 (Sunday)

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Lower bracket final

Team Falcons1 — 2Team Spirit

Team Spirit advances to grand final.

Team Falcons is eliminated.

Grand final

Xtreme Gaming2 — 3Team Spirit

Team Spirit wins PGL Wallachia Season 1.

PGL Wallachia Season 1 participating teams

PGL Wallachia Season 1 participating teams
Credit: ONE Esports
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Team LiquidDirect invite
Gaimin GladiatorsDirect invite
Team SecretDirect invite
Team FalconsDirect invite
BetBoom TeamDirect invite
Team SpiritDirect invite
Xtreme GamingDirect invite
AuroraDirect invite
Shopify RebellionDirect invite
HEROICDirect invite
MOUZWestern Europe Closed Qualifier third-placer
(replaced Tundra Esports)
Virtus.proEastern Europe Closed Qualifier winner
G2 x iGChina Closed Qualifier winner
Azure RayChina Closed Qualifier runner-up
(replaced Blacklist International from Southeast Asia)
nounsNorth America Closed Qualifier winner
BOOM EsportsSouth America Closed Qualifier winner

PGL Wallachia prize distribution

ChampionTeam SpiritUS$300,000
2ndXtreme GamingUS$175,000
3rdTeam FalconsUS$120,000
4thG2 x iGUS$80,000
5th-6thTeam Liquid
BOOM Esports
Gaimin Gladiators
9th-11thBetBoom Team
Shopify Rebellion
Team Secret
15th-16thAzure Ray

Where to watch PGL Wallachia Season 1

You can watch the games live on PGL’s official channels.

Twitch: Stream A, Stream B
Kick: Stream A, Stream B

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