North American powerhouse team, Evil Geniuses, styled on CR4ZY with some vintage Alchemist play in the North American Final of the WeSave Charity Play tournament.

Evil Geniuses opened up the series by picking an Alchemist on Artour “Arteezy” Babaev as their hard carry hero. Meanwhile, CR4ZY opted for the late game strategy with Oliver “Skiter” Lepko’s Phantom Lancer, along with multiple utility heroes.

But CR4ZY were unable to shutdown Arteezy’s farming capabilities and this gave his Alchemist a massive gold lead advantage over Skiter’s Phantom Lancer. Arteezy doubled Skiter’s total net worth 27-minutes into the first game.

EG ended the first game in dominating fashion with Arteezy diving the Dire Fountain, while Skitter was forced to take on the enemy team on his own.

In the following game, EG decided to go with a Wraith King for Arteezy. CR4ZY attempted to counter the hero with their own Anti-Mage pick.

Although, the game was dominated by Andreas “Cr1t-” Nielsen’s Earth Spirit who landed clutch silences all game long. The game was eventually decided by two timely hits from Arteezy’s Wraith King, who bashed and crit Skiter’s Anti-Mage, which put CR4ZY at a clear disadvantage.

With EG in the Radiant base, CR4ZY was forced to defend their base with only three heroes, and this led to another death for their Anti-Mage.

After losing to CR4ZY’s Huskar and Oracle strategy in game three, EG decided to go with another Alchemist pick for Arteezy. This time, they paired the greedy hero with a Dark Seer on EG coach and stand-in Kanishka “BuLba” Sosale.

At first, it looked like CR4ZY’s hero lineup with multiple area-of-effect spells was too much for EG to handle.

But once Arteezy was able to farm his Heart of Tarrasque, EG was able to chase down CR4ZY’s retreating heroes and take control of the game.

Arteezy then picked up an Abyssal Blade and Assault Cuirass which helped him demolish the Dire squad. EG finished the series after CR4ZY took an all-in team fight right outside the Dire base.

Evil Geniuses’ third win closed out the series 3-1, crowning EG as the North American WeSave! Charity Play champions.

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