The Dota Pro Circuit in Western Europe is more important than ever.

Odds are, if you are qualifying for the Major from Western Europe, you are going to end up on the podium. Team Liquid and Gaimin Gladiators fought out a regional rivalry in the Lima Major, while Entity finished top six. It’s going to be another tough campaign for Dota’s strongest region — and teams are hungry to prove themselves with more competition.

What is the DPC WEU 2023 Tour 2 Division 1?

Team Liquid TI11
Credit: Valve

This Regional League is the second of three Tours for the Dota Pro Circuit this year.

Besides prize money, teams fight for a variety of opportunities. The top four teams from the Western Europe region qualify for the Major. The top six teams stay in Division 1 for the next Tour, while the bottom two teams will be relegated to Division 2.

DPC WEU 2023 Tour 2 Division 1 standings

1stTeam Liquid12 — 46 — 1
2ndGaimin Gladiators11 — 65 — 2
3rdTundra Esports10 — 45 — 2
4thOG6 — 83 — 4
5thOoredoo Thunders7 — 93 — 4
6thEntity4 — 112 — 5
7thMonaspa5 — 102 — 5
8thNigma Galaxy7 — 102 — 5

DPC WEU 2023 Tour 2 Division 1 schedule and results

Week one

March 13

Monaspa2 – 0Ooredoo Thunders
OG0 – 2Tundra Esports
Team Liquid0 – 2Gaimin Gladiators

March 15

Nigma Galaxy1 – 2Entity
Gaimin Gladiators1 – 2Ooredoo Thunders
Team Liquid2 – 0OG

March 17

Nigma Galaxy0 – 2Tundra Esports
Monaspa0 – 2Entity
OG2 – 0Ooredoo Thunders

Week two

March 20

Team Liquid2 – 1Nigma Galaxy
Monaspa1 – 2Gaimin Gladiators
Tundra Esports2 – 0Entity

March 22

OG0 – 2Gaimin Gladiators
Tundra Esports0 – 2Ooredoo Thunders
Monaspa0 – 2Nigma Galaxy

March 24

Team Liquid2 – 0Entity
Nigma Galaxy2 – 0Ooredoo Thunders
OG0 – 2Monaspa

Week three

March 27

Gaimin Gladiators2 – 0Entity
Team Liquid2 – 0Tundra Esports
OG2 – 0Nigma Galaxy

March 29

Entity0 – 2Ooredoo Thunders
Tundra Esports2 – 0Gaimin Gladiators
Team Liquid2 – 0Monaspa

March 31

Nigma Galaxy1 – 2Gaimin Gladiators
Team Liquid2 – 1Ooredoo Thunders
Monaspa0 – 2Tundra Esports

April 2

OG2 – 0Entity


April 3


Gaimin Gladiators1 – 2Tundra Esports


OG2 – 1Ooredoo Thunders


Nigma Galaxy0 – 1Monaspa
Entity1 – 0Monaspa
Entity1 – 0TBD

Format of DPC WEU 2023 Tour 2 Division 1

Tundra Esports wins TI11
Credit: Valve

All eight teams in the Regional League will periodically play each other in a round-robin best-of-three.

Tiebreakers will only be played if it affects qualification — for Majors and relegation. A two-way tie will trigger a best-of-three tiebreaker. If there are more than two teams tied, the tiebreaker will be a best-of-one instead.

The top four teams qualify for the Berlin Major.

DPC WEU 2023 Tour 2 Division 1 prize pool and points

The DPC WEU 2023 Tour 2 Division 1’s regional league will have a total prize pool of US$205,000, along with 1,150 DPC points — up from 690 DPC points in Tour 1.

1stTeam LiquidQualifies to Berlin Major400US$30,000
2ndTundra EsportsQualifies to Berlin Major240US$28,000
3rdGaimin GladiatorsQualifies to Berlin Major160US$27,000
4thOGQualifies to Berlin Major80US$26,000
5thOoredoo ThundersRemains in Division 1 for Tour 340US$25,000
6thEntityRemains in Division 1 for Tour 3US$24,000
7thMonaspaRelegated to Division 2 for Tour 3US$23,000
8thNigma GalaxyRelegated to Division 2 for Tour 3US$22,000

Teams competing in DPC WEU 2023 Tour 2 Division 1

Entity Stormstormer at TI11
Credit: Valve
Team Liquid1st (2nd at Lima Major)
Gaimin Gladiators2nd (1st at Lima Major)
Tundra Esports3rd (tied-9th at Lima Major)
Entity4th (tied-5th at Lima Major)
Nigma Galaxy6th
Ooredoo ThundersPromoted from Division 2 (1st)
MonaspaPromoted from Division 2 (2nd)

Where to watch DPC WEU 2023 Tour 2 Division 1

You can watch games live on PGL’s official Twitch or YouTube channels. Full matches and highlights will also be posted on the YouTube channel after the games conclude.

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