The first Minor of the 2019-2020 DPC season is over, and it wasInvictus Gaming who walked away with the trophy and the last spot at the MDL Chengdu Major.

It was an amazing weekend of Dota with plenty of noteworthy individual plays, incredible team fight coordinations, and a thieving courier that helped the eventual champions win a thrilling game.

Here are 11 of the best plays from the tournament:

Invictus Gaming vs HellRaisers (Upper Bracket Semifinals)

With iG’s Thiay “JT-” Jun Wen down, HellRaisers rushed into the Roshan Pit. While this was happening, iG sent over their Courier to scout their enemies. Right when Roshan was slain, the iG Courier swooped in with the Shield ability activated and stole both Cheese and Refresher Shard.

Invictus Gaming vs HellRaisers (Upper Bracket Semifinals)

A few moments before the Courier snatched items from the Rosh Pit, iG’s Zhou “Emo” Yi on the Storm Spirit was styling on his opponents by rotating his hero in a 360° motion while the Radiant heroes fled.

HellRaisers vs Ad Finem (Group Stage)

After taking down Roshan, HellRaisers’ Alexander “Nix” Levin blinked to the Radiant jungle and landed a 3-man Sonic Wave that destroyed two of Ad Finem’s heroes and earned himself an Ultra Kill to go along with his Godlike killstreak.

HellRaisers vs Chaos Esports Club (Lower Bracket Final)

HellRaisers were able to catch their opponents off-guard, which led to Chaos losing five of their heroes in the middle lane.

Invictus Gaming vs HellRaisers (Upper Bracket Semifinals)

HellRaisers were so close to finishing the game after being up by two heroes against an iG squad who had their Dire Throne exposed.

However, both Emo and Jin “flyfly” Zhiyi were able to defend and eliminate the Radiant heroes. With no buybacks left on HellRaisers’ side, iG finished a hard-fought game that lasted 84 minutes.

GeekFam vs Ad Finem (Group Stage)

GeekFam’s Carlo “Kuku” Palad found the perfect spot to camp while Ad Finem was busy trying to take down Roshan. Right when Roshan was about to go down, Kuku used Firefly to go into the Rosh Pit and snatch the Aegis of the Immortal from Ad Finem.

jfshfh178 vs Ninjas in Pyjamas (Group Stage)

Team 178 surprised the casters of Beyond the Summit, along with their opponents NiP by revealing that Nikita “Palatimos” Grinkevich is a very good Meepo player. He cleaned up NiP’s heroes in the middle lane and earned himself an impressive Rampage.

Invictus Gaming vs jfshfh178 (Group Stage)

The popular Morphling and Earthshaker combo was in full effect, with iG picking up the dynamic duo against Team 178. After noticing that some Radiant heroes were taking down sentry wards at the middle lane, flyfly immediately jumped into a blindspot and decimated his opponents.

jfshfh178 vs Invictus Gaming (Group Stage)

?Team 178 was able to punish iG’s heroes who overextended by landing a Chain Frost and Mystic Flare combo that melted both the enemy Lina and Sand King.

HellRaisers vs jfshfh178 (Lower Bracket Semifinals)

HellRaisers’ Nix dropped the hammer on Team 178 with his Sanity’s Eclipse ultimate that erased both Abaddon and Centaur Warrunner. He then continued to clean up the remaining Radiant heroes to earn his Rampage.

Invictus Gaming vs Chaos Esports Club (Grand Finals)

During the second game of the Grand Finals between iG and Chaos, JT- was able to land an unbelievable 4-man Avalance and Toss initiation, followed by a Reverse Polarity and Mana Void ultimates that decimated Chaos.

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