It’s been almost three weeks since the Outlanders Update was released and Valve is still hard at work balancing out all the new changes they’ve made to the game.

In the 7.23d patch update, Valve has removed the neutral items, Elixir and Helm of the Undying, from the game.

The Helm of the Undying had a number of bugs that caused problems during games, specifically for Legion Commander and Meepo.

The Dota 2 community shared these bugs on Reddit and Twitter:

Another notable change they’ve made in the 7.23d patch is the Multishot nerf for Traxex, the Drow Ranger. Multishot damage has been reduced from 95/125/155/185% to 90/115/140/165%.

Traxex’s Level 15 and 25 talents have also been weakened, with the agility increase lowered from +14 to +12, and the 50% cooldown reduction now adjusted to being only 40%.

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