The first game update after The International 2019 (TI9) has been released. With it came expected nerfs to heroes such as Alchemist, Enchantress, and Io — all heroes popularized by TI9 champions OG.

Additional gold income has now been reduced as Alchemist’s third ability, Greevil’s Greed, had its gold bonus per stack reduced from four to three. His ultimate ability Chemical Rage no longer gives mana regeneration.

The change levels the playing field, following OG‘s position 1 player Anathan “Ana” Pham’s use of an almost-unkillable Alchemist during The International 2019 against PSG.LGD.

Enchantress now has reduced healing of 7/9/11/13 — down from 10/11/12/13 — using her second ability Nature’s Attendants. Aside from a reduced base damage of four, Enchantress’ third ability Impetus now gives less damage from 16/22/28% to 14/20/26%.

OG’s ridiculous Io strategy had developers weakening the wisp by shuffling and reducing its talents. Spirits Apply Slow is now on level 15 while the additional +75 Spirits Hero Damage will appear on level 20.

See the full list of updates for Patch 7.22g here.

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