Fnatic avenged their upset loss to BOOM Esports in the Group Stage of the ESL One Los Angeles Online tournament with a victory over them in the semifinals.

After being outshined by Rafli Fathur ” Mikoto” Rahman during the first day of the group stages, Kam Boon “Moon” Seng answered back by dominating the first game of the series with his Ember Spirit.

As Fnatic made their push into the Dire base, Djardel “Dj” Mampusti lined up a stolen Ice Blast ultimate on his Rubick that caught Mikoto’s Morphling right when the hero respawned inside the Dire fountain.

At exactly the same time, Daryl Koh “iceiceice” Pei Xiang used his Nature’s Wrath ultimate to drop Mikoto to half health. Since the Morphling respawned with his attributes more on agility, he quickly shifted into strength, and this caused him to shatter due to the successful Ice Blast hit.

Fnatic finished the series with another stellar performance from Moon, who terrorized BOOM esports with his Storm Spirit, finishing with an 8/2/15 KDA.

Fnatic then moved on to the ESL One Los Angeles SEA Grand Final where they made quick work of Team Adroit sweeping them 3-0.

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