All-Filipino team, Adroit, overcame Geek Fam’s Divine Rapier-wielding Void Spirit in a 62-minute slugfest in game five of the finals of the Southeast Asian leg of WeSave! Charity Play, winning the series 3-2.

With the series on the line, Geek Fam went with a four-protect-one strategy headlined by Sven for Mar Polo “Raven” Fausto and Karl “Karl” Jayme on Void Spirit to bridge the midgame. Carlo “Kuku” Palad was put on Tidehunter, Kenny “Xepher” Deo on Rubick, and Matthew “Whitemon” Filemon on Ancient Apparition to back them up.

Adroit countered by running a tri-core with a strong midgame timing, with John Anthony “Natsumi-” Vargas on Lycan, Mc Nicholson “Mac” Villanueva on Razor, Jun “Bok” Kanehara on Mars, Marvin “Boombacs” Rushton on a support Clockwerk, and Bryle “cml” Alviso on Shadow Demon.

Despite a whirlwind start to the laning phase, Adroit came out of it with all three cores on pace to hit their midgame power spikes. Meanwhile, Geek Fam resolved to give Raven as much as space as they can so that he could get enough farm to carry the team later on.

Geek Fam was able to challenge Adroit’s lineup just as their lineup was supposed to be peaking in the midgame, although both teams were unable to get much of an advantage as they continued to trade teamfight wins and objectives.

While Raven’s Sven had already become a force to be reckoned with, Mac’s Razor was keeping pace while also shutting down his damage output during key teamfights with his hero’s Static Link ability. With momentum seemingly on their side, Adroit looked like they needed just win one huge engagement to become poised to take the game.

Geek Fam seemed to be lacking damage even while Raven’s Sven was cleaving through enemy heroes, which prompted Karl to pick up a Divine Rapier at the 46-minute mark.

With Karl’s Void Spirit wielding a Divine Rapier, Desolator, Solar Crest, and Crystalys — to go with the 200% Critical Strike on Astral Step thanks to his hero’s level 25 talent — Geek Fam won a huge teamfight at the 52-minute mark that allowed them to seize momentum and destroy Adroit’s middle barracks 54 minutes in.

Despite the absurd damage output from their opponents, Adroit was able to keep Geek Fam away from their Ancient and force a decisive clash for Roshan at the 58-minute mark.

In that critical engagement, Raven and Karl were able to isolate Boomy’s Clockwerk but Adroit’s captain was able to lock down the Void Spirit long enough to let his teammates to take him down and steal the Divine Rapier.

With Geek Fam having their backs against the wall, Karl picked up another Rapier but that wasn’t enough to stop Adroit from rolling them over in one last teamfight to force the GG call after an action-packed 62 minutes.

Mac notched a game-high 17 kills, while Bok had 10 of his own, to lead their team to a hard-fought victory over one of their stronger regional rivals.

With convincing wins over TNC Predator and Geek Fam throughout the course of the event, Adroit continue to solidify their case as one of the rising contenders for dominance of the Southeast Asian scene.

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