The first of Dota Underlords titular Underlords, Hobgen the Arson Aficionado, is set to arrive with the game’s upcoming “Big Update.”

The Underlords will be a player’s primary unit on the board, with each coming with an arsenal of abilities to aid your crew of heroes in battle. In order to use their abilities, Underlords use a unique resource called Hype that can be generated in a variety of ways.

They can also learn a slew of talents in every neutral round starting at round 10 to enhance their abilities.

Credit: Valve Corporation

According to the game’s lore, the Underlords are crime lords trying to take over the city of White Spire.

Hobgen is the first of four Underlords to be revealed, being the former lieutenant of Momma Eeb, the late crime lord of White Spire whose death set in motion the events of the game.

Hobgen’s abilities predictably revolve around setting things on fire and generating Hype for every unit that is aflame, with his long-range attacks as his primary means of setting an enemy alight.

Credit: Valve Corporation

He can use his Explosivo! ability to throw a fireball at a target, damaging it and any nearby units evenly and setting them on fire. Hobgen can also Super-charge an ally to set them on fire and grant them increased attack speed.

Once you reach round 20, your Underlords can pick between two Ultimate abilities. Hobgen has the choice between Let’s Go Crazy, which super-charges him to set alight all enemies not already on fire, or Friendly Fire, which bombards enemies with firebombs from beyond the board.

Underlords have over 20 talents to choose from, with some of Hobgen’s choices being Grease Fire, Implosion, Kaboom, and Hot Rod.

Credit: Valve Corporation

Alongside the introduction of new heroes, alliances, the daily hero jail, and Underlords, two new game modes will also be coming with the Big Update.

Credit: Valve Corporation

The first is Duos Mode, where eight duos who share health and levels face off. Each round will see duos face off in individual battles, with round damage from both fights being tallied up for the losers.

Duos can also aid each other by sending gold or heroes to one another to bolster their individual crews.

Credit: Valve Corporation

The second is Freestyle Mode, where players can create any scenario in the game to practice or experiment with different compositions.

Aside from Hobgen, one more Underlord is expected to arrive with the Big Update. Look out for Annesix the Mistress of Secrets in the next preview as the release of the much-awaited update nears.

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