Valve rolled out another huge update for its hit auto battler Dota Underlords.

The latest patch brings major changes across the board — from UI to gameplay, with important changes affecting gold earnings applied to winning and losing streaks.

Prior to the update, players can accumulate 3 gold indefinitely after winning or losing seven games. This encouraged “open forting,” a controversial strategy where players would deliberately lose early rounds of the game and avoid buying units to build up enough money to buy their way to a strong comeback.

Gold is now capped at two for losing streaks of at least five games. On the other hand, win streaks up to seven games get three gold, while eight consecutive wins are awarded four gold, after which the streak is reset.

The update patch also applies the following hero balances:

  • Medusa: Split Shot now applies item effects on secondary shots.
  • Lycan: Summon Wolves not applying health buff correctly is now fixed.
  • Venomancer: HP increase and improvements in Summon Change Ward.
  • Disruptor: Changed alliances from Brawny Shaman to Brawny Shaman Warlock. Also, Static Storm now blinds targets inside the cloud for a 25% miss chance.
  • Mr. Warlock: Shadow Word has a lower cast point and cooldown, but also sees reductions in Damage, Heal, and Duration.

Other notable changes include the addition of a Scoreboard and Leaderboard on the general UI. The mobile version of the game now gets a Battery Status indicator, as well as a promising Battery Saver Mode.

Check out the full list of tweaks here.

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