A major update rolled out for auto battler game Dota Underlords, introducing “Ace” tier heroes and new items called Contraptions.

Players will unlock a new mechanic called “Ace effect” upon adding one of the Tier 5 units on the board. At least one level of the unit’s associated alliance is required to activate the effect.

Here are the Ace units and their respective effects on each alliance:

  • Disruptor — Healing now affects two units instead of one under the Warlock alliance
  • Enigma — All units now have a chance to turn enemies into chickens with the Shaman alliance
  • Gyrocopter — Upon activation of the Deadeye alliance, Deadeye units gain True Strike (cannot miss)
  • Lich — Mana regeneration per attack is increased by 10% for every Mage alliance level for the whole army.
  • Medusa — Upon activation of the Scaled alliance, Scaled units gain Retaliate (attacker receives 25 dmg/sec per alliance level debuff)
  • Techies — Upon activation of the Inventor alliance, Inventor units gain Chain Reaction (enemies explode upon dying due to Unstable Reactor)
  • Troll Warlord — Mini-Bash is granted to the team, which gives a 5% chance to stun targets for 0.25 seconds. This works per Troll alliance level

Contraptions behave like regular units but do not count against the hero cap. Four contraptions can be placed throughout the board, namely Barricade, Target Buddy, Healing Ward, and Tombstone.

Two Barricades can be used when players want to go defensive as it blocks enemies and ranged attacks.

Target Buddy, which is a replica of Tidehunter on a stand, acts as an additional unit that taunts and draws fire which is good for going offensive.

The Healing Ward restores 20 health per second to all friendly units within one cell.

Tier 4 Contraption Tombstone converts ally and enemy heroes to zombies upon death. For this to take effect, units should die within two cells of the Tombstone.

See details on other alliance and hero changes here.

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