Dota Underlord’s next Underlord will feature someone really good at keeping secrets (it isn’t Puppey).

As one of the game’s titular Underlords, Anessix, the Mistress of Secrets, acts as a player’s primary unit on the board to aid her crew of heroes in battle. While the first Underlord to be revealed, Hobgen the Arson Aficionado, focuses on dealing a lot of damage to enemies, Anessix can summon Demon companions, heal allies, and afflict enemies with curses.

Credit: Valve Corporation

As a Demon herself, Annesix can increase the amount of Hype she passively generates with each allied Demon on the board. Her passive ability also summons a Demon companion, which looks to be one of the Necronomicon summons from Dota 2, to fight by her side.

Annesix’s abilities offer a wide range of utility, with Martyr’s Boon healing allied units at the cost of a percentage of her maximum health while Pure Pain deals continuous pure damage to a random enemy.

Anessix can also choose between two Ultimate abilities, Enthrall and Summon Demonic Golem, once you reach round 20.

Enthrall marks a target and forces Anessix’s army to attack it, bringing it back as a Demon under her command should it die while afflicted. Summon Demonic Golem does just as what its name says, and looks to work similarly to Warlock’s own Demonic Golem from Dota 2.

Credit: Valve Corporation

Anessix can also choose from over 20 talents every neutral round starting at round 10 to strengthen her abilities, such as Exploit Weakness, Phantom Pain, Transfusion, and Instant Regret.

Anessix’s reveal is the last preview for Dota Underlords’ Big Update, which is set to be released very soon.

The two other Underlords initially revealed for the game, Enno the King of the Warrens and Jull the Icewrack Bootlegger, are expected to arrive some time after the Big Update.

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