Valve has made some major changes to the ranking system in its auto-battler game, Dota Underlords, with the highest rank — Lord of White Spire — the focus of the patch.

The new patch introduces an Elo system to players who have reached Lord of White Spire rank — this is the same system Dota 2 uses for PvP Matchmaking. This means that the number of ranked points a player gains or loses will now depend on his enemy.

“The higher your Rank Score compared to your opponents, the more you have at stake: a win will result in a smaller increase, and a loss will result in a larger decrease,” said Underlords developer, Fletcher “Fletcherd” Dunn.

Fletcher further explained that the change is intended to separate the very best players from those that just play the game the most.

Aside from the new system, a huge amount of bonus points worth around 7,400 points will be given to new Lords upon achieving the required 7,600. This totals to about 15,000 rank points.

The rank scores of existing Lords of White Spire have been adjusted “in a way that retains existing leaderboard positions,” according to the latest patch notes.

Some heroes have also been fixed and slightly reworked, including a fix for Juggernaut’s Blade Fury, zero Mana cost on Ogre Magi’s Bloodlust, and an additional Scrappy alliance to Sniper.

The effects of some items have also been changed. You can read the full patch notes here.

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