Valve has been hard at work getting its new game shipshape.

Available on PC, Mac and mobile, Dota Underlords has seen crazy growth, hitting over 200,000 players since launch. The latest update brings balance changes, such as buffs to the Dragon Alliance, which has been sorely lacking, as well as nerfs to the Keeper of the Light hero.

Dragon Alliance now only needs two dragons to activate, and will provide an additional ability for each dragon. The Dragon Knight will get Dragon Form as an unlockable, while also getting buffs to his hit points and health regeneration. Puck will get Phase Shift as its unlockable, while Viper will get Corrosive Skin, and should help it tank hits better.

As for Keeper of the Light, the hero will see its Illuminate spell now costing 150 mana, and will have his health decreased.

Other changes include tweaks to global items, such as Pocket Sand, which besides causing enemies to miss, will also slow mana gain when getting damaged as well as debuffing an enemy two cells away when there is no one in the one cell range when an Assassin lands.

The Boots of Speed item has also been changed to Tranquil Boots and will feature +16 health regen on top of the 100% bonus move speed.

For the full list of changes, click here.

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