The second preview for the much-awaited “Big Update” for Dota Underlords has been released, revealing two new alliances in Champions and Brutes. Also teased were three new heroes that will fill their ranks.

One of the new heroes, Legion Commander, will be the sole hero under the Champion alliance. Once Legion Commander is on the board, the Champion alliance effect will equip her with the bonuses granted by all other alliances that are on the field.

Legion Commander is a tier three hero that also belongs to the Human alliance. Her ability, Duel, lets her target the enemy with the lowest health on the board and force them to a duel with her. If either Legion Commander or the enemy she’s dueling dies during the ability’s duration, the survivor wins the duel and gains permanent bonus damage.

Meanwhile, the Brute alliance features two new heroes in Lifestealer and Magnus, alongside existing heroes in Axe, Doom, and Treant Protector.

Players need to have two Brute heroes on the board to trigger its alliance effect, which lets Brutes deal more damage and reduce the damage of their targets whenever they attack. Brutes prefer to attack enemies that do not already have the debuff, so spread them around your board to maximize their effectiveness.

Lifestealer is a tier one hero that also belongs to the Heartless alliance. He will hit hard while also taking a lot of damage, thanks to his Feast ability. This ability deals more damage while healing him for a percentage of his target’s maximum health.

Meanwhile, Magnus is a tier two hero that also belongs to the Shaman alliance. In addition to being able to hold his own, his Empower ability lets him give an ally bonus damage and have their attacks cleave to other enemies around their initial target.

Valve will release more previews for the Big Update in the coming days, revealing more new alliances, heroes, and the first of the game’s titular Underlords.

While Dota Underlords has been playable since June, the game has been in a regularly updated “alpha” state until now. The upcoming Big Update will mark the beginning of the game’s “beta” phase.

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