Streaming platform Twitch is known for broadcasting some of the biggest esports events on its site, but it may get a bit cluttered with streamers shuffling in and out of the main page. To help seasoned viewers and newcomers in their search for live esports content, Twitch has created a new Esports directory.

The Esports directory will put all esports content on Twitch in one central place. While it may show your usual favorites such as League of Legends and NBA 2K, the directory will also give you the chance to explore other esports-related content on the site.

“Tune in to watch live events, catch up on past matches, discover new esports channels, and learn from the best pro players,” stated Twitch in its official blog update.

Twitch will be handling some of the most competitive esports events in the world such as ESL Katowice, Rocket League Championships Series, and the League of Legends World Championship. Aside from official tournament streams, they’ll be staying proactive in keeping the content fresh by including players and games the community cares about most.

“Esports continues to thrive in large part because of the enthusiasm, engagement, and feedback from esports fans on Twitch, and the Esports Directory is part of our commitment to making sure Twitch remains the best place to watch,” said Twitch.

You can check out Twitch’s Esports Directory right now.

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