Bid Toys has just pushed the boundaries of Japanese collectibles with their latest three-way crossover featuring Super Mario, Godzilla, and Ultraman.

The two-figure collection, aptly named “MA-NULTRA vs KOOBALA”, features beloved Italian plumber Mario as Ultraman and his fire-breathing frenemy Bowser as the terrifying Godzilla.

The designs for both crossovers are pretty much spot-on. Mario still has his trademark mustache and eyebrows, but now he’s donning Ultraman’s two-tone suit. To top off the look of heroism, Mario also has the iconic golden eyes of the tokusatsu hero.

As for the villain’s corner, Bowser ditches his red and green colors for the textured, charcoal-gray aesthetic of the top Kaiju. Though the reptile ravager kept his shell, he has some additional spikes on his back and a longer tail to complete the homage to Godzilla.

The PVC/soft-vinyl figures currently stand in at 13cm (Ma-nultra) and 15cm (Koobala) If you’re interested in purchasing these collectibles, they are currently priced at US$32 (Ma-nultra) and US$39 (Koobala) at the Bid Toys website.

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